Birmingham-born comic actress Jo Enright set for Scottish dates

Jo Enright

Comedy at East and West's Stand

At 4ft 10in, stand-up Jo Enright may not be the most towering figure on the comedy scene, but if things work out for her, she could well be big on TV in 2011. The Birmingham-born comic actress (you may have seen her in Lab Rats, Ideal or Britain’s Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice) has just filmed the pilot for the upcoming Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant show, Life’s Too Short, in which Enright has appeared as the wife of actor Warwick Davis, the Star Wars and Harry Potter actor who reaches 3ft 6in.

‘I was really excited about seeing how Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant worked and how they directed and they were very inspiring and challenging, ‘says Enright. ‘I was quite nervous about meeting them but they are so genuine and laughing all the way through but so skilled and meticulous.’

While Enright awaits the nod for filming the series, she is currently scripting a show for the Edinburgh Fringe, a festival she hasn’t performed at since 2002. Family matters and acting jobs have prevented her from hitting the road north during August but her autobiographical comedy is being honed for a new hour. As well as writing about her stature and Midlands upbringing, she is looking to find ways of penning material about her religious worldview. Being a comic who is Christian must be a tough old gig given the merciless mocking which religion gets on the circuit?

‘Sometimes it can wash over me and I can be detached but it depends how it’s dealt with. If someone is just being out-and-out destructive without any intelligence or craft behind it, I probably won’t listen. I’ll just go to the bar next door or to the toilet when that bit of material is coming up.’

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 4, Thu 6–Sat 8 Jan; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 5 Jan

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