Fresh Faced evening of live theatre, music, dance and film

Fresh Faced evening of live theatre, music, dance and film

Tramway performance evening aimed at the under 20s

If you want something done right, do it yourself, the old saying goes. So who better to curate a night for young people, then young people themselves? Featuring live theatre, music and dance, film screenings and workshops, Fresh Faced is an exciting new venture aimed at the under 20s.

Jess Thorpe of Junction 25, one of the theatre companies showing work on the night, explains the idea behind it all. ‘It’s a response to the fact that young people aren’t using Tramway as much as they could, or feeling like the building is theirs,’ she says. ‘Fresh Faced is a chance for young people to see their own ideas represented. They designed it all, and came up with the name and concept, and it’s just great to be able to give the space over to them.’ YDance, the National Youth Theatre and Glasgow Youth Film Festival are just some of the companies taking part in the (mostly) free evening.

Thorpe herself has directed Gender Divide, a fascinating look at the different pressures and opportunities facing teenagers in 21st century Britain. As Thorpe discovered during rehearsals, the situation is constantly shifting.

‘Gender changes with generations, and that’s an exciting thing,’ she says. ‘We work with 12-18-year-olds, and it’s definitely different even within that age group, so we’ve had some really colourful debates. One of the themes in the show is about having to be the perfect woman or man, because we live in the age of Cheryl Cole and we’re being told she’s the perfect woman. So it’s been interesting to see how young people critique those role models and whether those are the things they aspire to. And the answer is yes – and no.’

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