Best comedy gigs of 2010 in Scotland

The top comedy gigs of the year

Bo Burnham, Tommy Tiernan, Stewart Francis, Jenny Eclair, Stewart Lee

Bo Burnham

After receiving top marks from both The Guardian and The Independent, little Bo Burnham really needed to be taken down a peg or three. Yet, the uber-talented wee tyke simply got on with his job and showed what a prospective comedy superstar looks like. If you were lucky enough to have witnessed any of his Edinburgh Fringe dates, cherish the memory: now that Judd Apatow has his number, it’s unlikely BB will be back this way for some time. Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh, August.

Tommy Tiernan

Having stuck some necks out by slapping the former Perrier winner on the cover of our Festival Guide in July, it was a blessed relief to see that the Navan rabble-rouser hadn’t lost any of his firebrand genius. Crooked Man was a beautifully poetic set full of lyricism, charm and passion. Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh, August.

Stewart Francis

There are few comics around who can fill over an hour’s stage time with as many cracking one and two-liners as this London-based Canadian-born gagsmith. If you missed Tour de Francis first time around, do yourself a favour and fork out for the DVD. The Stand, Glasgow, January.

Jenny Eclair

A tiny bit of history was made when this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards shortlist included two female comics in the shape of Sarah Millican and Josie Long. An old-timer showed the pack how to be proper crude and downright hilarious with it as Lady Eclair stoked up the Glasgow International Comedy Festival with her uncompromising wit. Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, March.

Stewart Lee

Though his Silver Stewbilee event at the same venue in August got some attention for unveiling the long-lost Japanese outfit Frank Chickens, it was a treat to see Lee in full flow with his touring show, If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One. Top Gear fans, cider ad buffs and pirates might be compelled to disagree. Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, February.

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