Death Disco’s XXXmas Party

Death Disco’s XXXmas Party

Christmas is a tricky one. Sure, it’s a time for giving, good will and generally being merry, but it can feel strangely moot when one is no longer a wean oneself or has no weans to fawn over, making the season (allegedly) cuter and more socially acceptable.

Thankfully, the clubs are providing plenty of alternative places to roast your chestnuts if you are in the midst of an un-kiddie-lumbered December. Both Taste and Lock Up Your Daughters are putting on mulled wine-fuelled activities, as well as Club Noir’s annual festive bonanza. Yet, the undeniable queen of Alterna-Crimbo (TM) for the last few years has definitely been Death Disco.

Niall Walker, design and marketing manager at the Arches and the brains behind Death Disco’s promotion, agrees that a quirky, alternative take on Christmas has become more popular in recent years.

‘The XXXmas party is a bit of an institution and is really popular with die-hard, long-standing fans of Death Disco,’ Walker says of the club night which turned eight this year. ‘It’s like one massive house party filled with gorgeous, sparkly, glittering creatures – including, this year, the UK’s top same-sex ballroom dancing champions, one of whom is dressed as a human disco ball, performing on the dancefloor.’

Walker believes Death Disco has become an institution for the LGBT community because of its consistent and open-minded attitude.

‘We encourage individuality, alternative fashion and forward-thinking music and visuals, which appeals to a sector of the LGBT community who want more than what is offered by generic, mainstream gay nightclubs.’

This left-field take on the conventional club night involves balancing cutting-edge acts with massive electro names, this year’s XXXmas Zombie Nation, Burns, Unicorn Kid, Hush Puppy, Josh Jones, Mingo-Go and Wavy Graves. That’s more of a mouthful than an overcooked Christmas turducken.

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