Kylie Minoise - Sid Vicious Occult School Of Motoring (3 stars)

Kylie Minoise - Sid Vicious Occult School Of Motoring


Glasgow-based noise artist Lea Cummings has been releasing prolifically as Kylie Minoise for five years, notching up split releases with Thurston Moore and tours in Japan, Canada and Europe along the way. The territory he’s carved out for himself is one specialising in abrasive, shredded textures entrenched in a creepy atmosphere – and a healthy sense of humour.

His latest full-length is brutal from the outset. Opener ‘You … Fetishist!’ is a looped sample of what could easily be a conventional rock track, rendered unrecogniseable by shards of abrasive distortion and featuring glimpses of what are possibly vocals, but could equally be a guitar, such is the degree of mangling.

Short tracks serve as appetisers and palette cleansers for 30-minute closing track ‘Princess Diana 13th Pillar Ritual Sacrifice To Reptilian Hecate!’ Variously incorporating sections of pounding machine primitivism that could pass for 1970s US proto-punks Suicide, ear-shredding noise and some eerie Gregorian chant, it reaches a lengthy conclusion of elated ambient calm – a post-cathartic relief from the atmosphere of encroaching terror that occupies the whole album.

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