Doctor Who's 'bonkers' Christmas episode

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  • 15 December 2010
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

'Doctor Who' writer Steven Moffat decided to include a shark in the BBC One show's Christmas special because he wanted the episode to be ''bonkers''

Steven Moffat included a shark in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special to make it extra "bonkers".

The writer of the BBC One sci-fi show explained while the series always includes outlandish storylines, he wanted to make 'Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol' even more bizarre, as he knew the Christmas Day (25.12.10) audience would be either on a sugar high or drunk.

He said: "The baseline of 'Doctor Who' is a man who lives in a telephone box and wears a bow tie so we had to make it more bonkers than that. Most of the audience on Christmas Day will have had a selection box for breakfast or still be drunk, so a normal episode of 'Doctor Who' wouldn't be enough."

Steven admitted while the one-off festive episode does feature plenty of eye-opening scenes, he also wanted it to have an "emotional" feel for his audience.

He explained: "I love Christmas specials and think they shouldn't really be watched at any other time, because on that day you're prepared to believe in any type of magic.

"It has to be emotional you have to take the audience on a journey and make them laugh and cry."

'Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol' goes out on BBC One at 6pm on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

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