Margaret Mountford questions the candidates

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  • 15 December 2010
Margaret Mountford

Margaret Mountford

Margaret Mountford will make a triumphant return to 'The Apprentice' on tonight's (15.12.10) show to interview the five remaining candidates in the penultimate stage of the competition

Margaret Mountford makes a triumphant return to 'The Apprentice' on tonight's (15.12.10) show.

The straight-faced lawyer - who was Lord Alan Sugar's right-hand woman on the BBC One show until being replaced by vice-chairman of West Ham United Karren Brady this series - will fire a host of gruelling questions at the five remaining contestants.

However, Stuart 'The Brand' Baggs immediately gets off to a bad start when he addresses her as 'Margaret'.

The businesswoman scolded: "Would you normally address an interviewer who you hadn't met by their first name?"

However, the 21-year-old telecoms entrepreneur is not the only candidate to bear the brunt of Margaret, as Jamie Lester is also forced to concede his "third nipple" gag was stupid.

Failing to find amusement at his cheeky CV, she said: "If I asked you an interesting fact about you? 'I have a third nipple.' You're laughing, I'm not.

"One or two pages later on - What's the worst lie you've ever told? 'That I have a third nipple.' Is that supposed to make me laugh? Think of a word that applies to that."

To which he replied: "Stupid".

Stuart and Jamie, alongside remaining contestants Stella English, Chris Bates and Joanna Riley, will now battle it out for two places in Sunday's (19.12.10) series final.

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