X Factor 'most criticised show in ITV's history'

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  • 15 December 2010
Chloe Mafia

Chloe Mafia

'The X Factor' has become the most criticised show in ITV's history, with Ofcom receiving 5,000 complaints about this series alone

'The X Factor' has become the most criticised show in ITV's history.

Ofcom - the independent regulator for the communications industry - has been swarmed with more than 5,000 complaints throughout the series, including 2,000 from viewers concerned about Christina Aguilera's raunchy performance on the family show.

ITV bosses are now said to be worried allegations of "sleaze" - which have marred 'The X Factor' since the series began in August - could damage the reputation of the channel for good, and have reportedly told Simon Cowell to tone it down when 'Britain's Got Talent' begins next year.

An insider explained: "Bosses are worried about the complaints which have grown rapidly throughout the series. They certainly don't want the trouble they have had in recent weeks, including claims that the show has become seedy and oversexed, as well as the accusations by contestants that the show is fixed.

"That tarnishes the image of 'The X Factor' and ITV so things must change. It's our image as a family channel that's at stake. Serious meetings are taking place with Cowell and executives."

Music mogul Simon was also said to have clashed with ITV boss Peter Fincham over his decision to feature Chloe Mafia - who was exposed as a prostitute - in the show's final on Sunday (12.12.10).

The show source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Simon and Peter were rowing over why Chloe was on the show and used so prominently. Peter wasn't sure it was appropriate but Simon's attitude was, 'Do you want these big ratings or not?'

"He feels that there needs to be controversy to drive the programme and make sure it is talked about and watched. But there is a line - especially before the watershed - and there is a feeling by some ITV bosses that he has crossed it during this series on several occasions."

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