A Christmas cringe for Katherine Jenkins

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  • 14 December 2010
Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins has revealed she was uncomfortable when she watched her love scenes for the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special

Katherine Jenkins cringed while watching her kissing scenes in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special.

The Welsh opera singer - who makes her acting debut on the festive episode - admitted she wasn't looking forward to seeing her love scenes with co-star Danny Horn at a special preview screening at the BFI in Waterloo last night (14.12.10).

When writer Steven Moffat revealed his son Louis had covered his eyes for the smooch, Katherine said: "I felt the same. That was the most stressful part of the filming. Oh God, my mum's going to watch that on Christmas Day (25.12.10)."

Matt Smith - who plays the Time Lord - revealed he didn't help matters on set when he repeatedly interrupted the filming of the kissing scenes so the pair would have to do extra takes.

He said: "It took loads of takes and I kept coming back and ruining it."

Katherine - who plays Abigail in the one-off episode - added: "He kept doing it on purpose going, 'Oh sorry I messed it up, you'll have to do it again'.

"I could hear my friends laughing when the kissing parts came on so that made me feel a little bit better. I didn't know how it was going to come across but once we got that bit out of the way it was ok."

Dr Who Christmas Special goes out on BBC One at 6pm on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

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