X Factor's Belle Amie slammed as 'lame'

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  • 14 December 2010
Belle Amie

Belle Amie

Belle Amie's 'X Factor' cover of Bananarama's classic track 'Venus' has been slammed by the 80s band as ''lame''

Belle Amie's cover of Bananarama's 'Venus' has been slammed by the band as "lame"

Singer Keren Woodward explained she was unimpressed with the 'X Factor' girlband's version of their 1986 hit 'Venus', and didn't realise it was possible to make the song sound so bad.

The singer said: "I really hate to b***h and I hate to sort of slate people, I thought it's really difficult to make that song sound lame, but they kind of managed it.

"I didn't think it was possible. I mean, I do that song week in, week out, and whatever mood you're in, however you're feeling, you can't help but belt that one out. Anyway, I didn't know you can."

Belle Amie - made up of Sophia Wardman, Geneva Lane, Esther Campbell and Rebecca Creighton - were eliminated from the ITV1 show after their 'Venus' performance in the fourth week of the competition.

However, Keren thinks Bananarama wouldn't have even made it through the first round of 'X Factor' auditions.

The 49-year-old star told Absolute Radio: "We would never have got through, I'd never have got through an audition, I could barely say boo to a goose. If you look at our early TV performances, when the camera comes on I nudge Sara and giggle, you know.

"I could never have gone and auditioned in front of anyone, I could barely audition for the school musicals."

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