Liz McDonald's 'massive' Corrie exit

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 December 2010
Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

Liz McDonald will exit 'Coronation Street' as part of a ''massive'' storyline in the new year, actress Beverley Callard has revealed

Liz McDonald will exit 'Coronation Street' as part of a "massive" storyline.

Actress Beverley Callard - who has played the bolshie barmaid on and off for over 20 years - won't rule out playing Liz again, and teased that her alter-ego may not be the only character saying goodbye to the ITV1 soap in the new year.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm not saying I'll never play Liz again, they're not killing her off and they do want her to come back.

"It's a fantastic exit and it's absolutely massive, but Liz may not be leaving on her own!"

Despite being pleased to leave behind the show's "relentless schedule", Beverley admitted choosing whether to leave 'Coronation Street' was an "agonising decision" because she gets on so well with her fellow cast members.

She explained: "It really was an agonising decision to leave. I gave my notice in the summer and my exit will be at the start of next year. I've just got married, I want more time at home because it's such a relentless schedule.

"It was a massive decision because you know you've got a regular paycheque and you're working with all your best friends. Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald), Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald), Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) and I work together every day - I'll be very emotional saying goodbye to them. The tears will most certainly be flowing."

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