X Factor 'saved' Matt Cardle

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  • 14 December 2010
Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle has admitted 'The X Factor' saved him from his ''rebellious'' former life, which saw him spend a night behind bars for being drunk and disorderly

Matt Cardle thinks 'The X Factor' "saved" him.

This 27-year-old singer - who beat fellow finalists Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction to win the show on Sunday (12.12.10) - admitted he used to lead the life of a "rebel", but the ITV1 show "changed his life" for the better.

He said: "Entering 'The X Factor' changed my life. It's saved me, in a way.

"I was a rebel, drifting about having a laugh and a drink with mates. I never went mental but I was stupid."

However, Matt - who is expected to earn £5 million next year alone - reached the height of his problems when he spent a night in jail after being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

He revealed: "One night I was with someone who smashed something up. In the grand scheme of things it was pathetic. I got nicked for being drunk and disorderly and spent a night in a cell but it was just a joke. We were just stupid idiots."

After failing two college courses, Matt's concerned family persuaded him to make his singing dreams come true and enter 'The X Factor'.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "They wanted to see something happen in my life. They said, 'You can't be bumming around drinking with your mates all the time'. They thought if I was serious about wanting to be a singer I should put some effort in to it."

Matt Cardle

The 2010 X-Factor winner plays pop rock sounds.

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