Matt Cardle expected Rebecca to win

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  • 13 December 2010
Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle expected fellow 'X Factor' finalist Rebecca Ferguson to win the ITV1 show last night (12.12.10)

Matt Cardle expected Rebecca Ferguson to win 'The X Factor'.

The 27-year-old singer - who was crowned winner of the ITV1 show last night (12.12.10) - admitted he was convinced the Liverpudlian beauty would scoop the top spot.

He explained: "When it got down to me, One Direction and Rebecca ... once One Direction had gone I was completely convinced that Rebecca had it.

"So I was trying to celebrate for her across the stage and try and catch her eye, but she had her head down so I put my head down and then when Dermot said me, the whole world around you stops and your hearing is suppressed."

Matt - who battled with ill-health for the final two weeks of the competition - explained while having laryngitis wasn't ideal, he did the best he could.

Speaking to ITV1's 'This Morning', he said: "I was really just treating the final just like another weekend show, just go on and do the best that you can do. And it wasn't ideal being ill but it happens and it was a touch of laryngitis."

Meanwhile, the superstitious singer - who has already confessed to wearing the same pair of socks throughout the 'X Factor' finals - admitted he carried around a bag full of rubbish, which he thought was bringing him luck.

Matt added to Lorraine Kelly: "I'm so superstitious and I put any kind of rubbish that I get, old sweet wrappers, cigarette wrappers, anything like that, in my bag. If I get through a round, then I don't take it out, so my bag is literally bursting with rubbish."

Matt Cardle

The 2010 X-Factor winner plays pop rock sounds.

Rebecca Ferguson

Big ballads and coffee table soul from the Scouse finalist of the 2010 X Factor. Her new album Lady Sings the Blues is a reinterpretation of the best of Billie Holiday's classic songs.

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