Janine learns Stacey killed Archie

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  • 9 December 2010
Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks who plays Janine Malloy in EastEnders

'EastEnders' Janine Malloy will discover that Stacey Branning - who is currently having an affair with her rival's husband Ryan - killed her former boyfriend Archie Mitchell last year

'EastEnders' Janine Malloy will discover her love rival Stacey Branning killed Archie Mitchell.

The backstabbing baddie - whose husband Ryan (Neil McDermott) is cheating on her with the stallholder (Lacey Turner) - will be told by troubled teen Lauren Branning that her love rival murdered former flame Archie (Larry Lamb) last year.

Charlie Brooks - who plays Janine in the BBC One soap - said: "Lauren arrives on Janine's doorstep and all she wants is to get back at her father Max.

"She just gives Janine her mobile phone, the leaves. Janine plays the sound file - and when she hears Stacey's confession, she knows she has everything she needs to get rid of her for good."

Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) is still angry with her father Max Branning (Jake Wood) for his affair with Stacey when she was married to his son Bradley (Charlie Clements) but soon feels guilty for spilling the beans to Janine and confesses to Max.

Charlie added to Inside Soap magazine: "He breaks into Janine's flat to get the mobile but she catches him. After he's gone, Janine's relieved to find that the phone is still exactly where she hid it, so it's fame on as far as she's concerned.

Charlie also revealed that Janine plans to play the tape for all to hear at the Queen Victoria pub on Christmas Day (25.12.10).

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