Liz Locke fired from The Apprentice

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 December 2010
Liz Locke

Liz Locke

Liz Locke became the latest candidate to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (08.12.10) after Lord Alan Sugar admitted she wasn't ''unusual'' enough to work for his company

Liz Locke became the latest candidate to be fired from 'The Apprentice' last night (08.12.10).

The 24-year-old investment banker - who was an early favourite to win the BBC One show - received the boot by Lord Alan Sugar after the multi-millionaire business magnate admitted he was looking for "someone unusual" to bring something new to his many companies.

Despite being commended for her hardworking nature and strong sales agenda, the Birmingham-based beauty admitted she was devastated to leave the competition.

Liz exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Everyone is there to win at the end of the day. When my name was called I didn't want to believe it. It really was a bitter pill to swallow, especially after I felt I'd done some fantastic things throughout the process.

"I was a key player and it was very disappointing. I kind of felt like I'd let everyone down."

However, the businesswoman admitted since having left the competition she has realised she wasn't "elaborate" enough to make as good TV as boardroom buddy Stuart Baggs 'The Brand'.

Liz explained: "Lord Sugar works in mysterious ways. Maybe I was naive not having a better boardroom strategy. I just don't think I was elaborate enough for the show, but at least I left with my dignity in tact.

"I went in hoping it would be a serious business competition and only Lord Sugar could tell you whether he kept Stuart for entertainment purposes. Regardless, there's no denying he makes very good television, whether that is his intention or not."

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