Glasgow’s garage-punk upstarts She’s Hit set for King Tut's headline show

Glasgow’s garage-punk upstarts She’s Hit set for King Tut's headline show

She’s Hit

Four-piece set to release debut album on own label RE:PEATER Records

As well as running RE:PEATER Records, Glasgow’s garage-punk upstarts She’s Hit (that’s Cameron Wilson – drums, Michael Hanson – guitar, Scott Paterson – bass, Philip McLellan – guitar and David Wilson – vocals) have a lot planned for the New Year, including a headline gig at King Tuts and their debut album in April…

How did you get together?
‘With the exception of Scott we all went to school together. We started getting into the same music, and as we got more and more into it we decided to write our own material. It took time to get the sound we wanted but we’ve come into our element over the past year. Scott volunteered to play bass after he heard our songs through Iain Cook [ex-guitarist in Aereogramme; now a member of the Unwinding Hours, he’s remixed Biffy Clyro and produced stuff for The Twilight Sad] who was mastering our unreleased first album.’

How would you describe your music?
‘I guess it’s seen by most as post-punk and garage punk, it’s also been described as ‘dirty surf’. It’s hard to define your own music because you just go in and do what you feel is right.’

Is post-punk making a comeback?
‘I think post-punk’s been fairly constant since its inception, but with the recent success of certain bands it’s being tagged with a revival. Post-punk as a movement will never really fade because the music that defined it is always reaching new audiences.’

She’s Hit play New Year’s Revolution King Tuts’, Glasgow, Tue 4 Jan.

She's Hit, Vladimir & the Mods, Silent Nothing

Varied line-up of altrock and hardcore.

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