Glasgow club Blast Off 2011 hosts Optimo's JG Wilkes on Jan 1st

Glasgow club Blast Off 2011 hosts Optimo's JG Wilkes on Jan 1st

Blast Off

Nice’n’ Sleazy’s now-traditional New Year’s Day party

Area 51 Presents Blast Off 2011

What is it?
Nice’n’ Sleazy’s now-traditional New Year’s Day party, for anyone who thinks one whole day of partying just isn’t enough any more.

Gordon Mackinnon, aka GK Machine (Zoo Muzik), one of the original residents of Area 51 when it ran at Sleazy’s from 1994 on.

This year, JG Wilkes (Optimo) and Spudd (Radar). ‘Although it’s a case of waiting to see who turns up,’ says Mackinnon. ‘It’s pretty informal like that. I’ve missed it once myself and it’s my own party.’

Music policy
‘Anything you can dance to, from The Cramps to Siouxsie & the Banshees. Psychedelic, prog rock, techno, funk … it’s hard to sum it up in a genre, but let’s say psychedelic turbo-sleaze disco. It’s a day you can get away with playing a lot more, because the crowd are already softened up, as it were.’

How did it start?
'Area 51 only ran for two or three years, then I moved on to nights at the Art School and elsewhere. Our first New Year’s Day party in 95 was such a success, though, that we’ve run one every year since.’

What’s it all about?
‘It’s totally insane. Or rather it’s a continuation of the night before’s insanity, sometimes we’ve turned up and people have been queuing at the door without having been to bed, sleeping on the pavement. The atmosphere’s relaxed but crazy, and it works on minimal flyering and word of mouth only.’

Where will it all end?
‘I thought last year, but one of the guests at it told me they’d organise it this time if I didn’t want to. I thought what the hell, I might as well. It’s just too much fun.’

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 1 Jan.

Blast Off 2011

A goth disco night hosted by GK Machine and guests Wilkes (Optimo) and Spudd (Radar). First-come, first-served, with a free double CD for the first thirty in the door.

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