Katherine Kelly's live Corrie worries

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  • 7 December 2010
Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly

'Coronation Street' actress Katherine Kelly has admitted she is worried she might burst into uncontrollable laughter during the ITV1 soap's live episode on Thursday (09.12.10)

Katherine Kelly is worried she will burst into uncontrollable laughter during the 'Coronation Street' live episode.

The 31-year-old actress - who plays barmaid Becky McDonald in the ITV1 soap - is trying not to think too much about the forthcoming 50th anniversary special but is worried her co-star Simon Gregson, who plays her on-screen husband Steve McDonald, will put her off her lines.

Asked if she is nervous, she said: "I think it'll just hit me. I'm trying to think about my scenes and hope that Simon doesn't give me that twinkle in his big blue eyes, otherwise I'll laugh my head off. He's a swine for that."

Katherine also admitted she is highly doubtful that everything will run smoothly when the show goes live for the night.

She said: "Something will go wrong. That's what people will be tuning in to see! It's all part of the excitement."

The episode takes place following the explosive tram crash that hit the cobbles last night (05.12.10) and Katherine is hopeful the storylines will live up to expectations.

She added to new! magazine: "From what I've seen of the rest of the week, which we filmed a while ago, it's great. It's hard when something's bigged up because you want people to watch it, so you have to promote it.

"It'd be great if it was the old-fashioned days when there was no press and you just switched on and thought, 'Oh, God, what's going on?' "

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