Katherine Jenkins' Doctor Who nerves

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  • 2 December 2010
Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins has confessed she found appearing in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special more nerve-wracking than performing in front of thousands of people

Katherine Jenkins was worried she would mess up her part in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special.

The opera singer - who plays Abigail in the one-off episode - admitted she found appearing in the "iconic" sci-fi drama far more nerve-wracking than performing live on stage in front of thousands.

She said: "It was far worse than any nerves I've ever had for any performance. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. It's such an iconic show, and it's one that we watch as a family. I just thought, 'I'd love to give it a try'.

"But I'm the first to say that I really don't consider myself an actress."

The 30-year-old beauty - who stars opposite Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the BBC One special, which airs on Christmas Day (25.12.10) - explained her character becomes embroiled in a steamy romance.

Katherine added to Radio Times magazine: "My character's called Abigail. She's a young girl from a very humble background, a very poor family and she's not very well. The town where she comes from is ruled by a sort of tyrant who's played by Michael Gambon.

"The rest is very difficult to explain in a few sentences, but really, for her, it's a love story."

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