Janine's poisonous plot

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  • 1 December 2010
Charlie Brooks

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks

EastEnders' Janine has got a poisonous plan to see the back of her adulterous husband Ryan and his cheating ways

EastEnders' Janine has got a poisonous plan to see the back of her cheating husband Ryan.

The backstabbing baddie is fuming when Pat (Pam St.Clement) tells her she's caught Ryan (Neil McDermott) kissing former flame Stacey (Lacey Turner), and doesn't hesitate to plot her revenge on the adulterous pair.

Charlie Brooks - who plays Janine in the BBC One soap - explained: "Janine's reasoning is that if she can't have Ryan, then nobody else will either. When Pat tells her about his affair with Stacey, she starts sobbing like a child.

"But then she wipes her tears away and says, 'This is the last time I'm ever going to cry over him'. When Pat asks what she's going to do, Janine narrows her eyes and says, 'I'm going to kill him!' It's a reaction of pure evil."

However, Janine is set to get a whole lot nastier over the festive period when an unsuspecting Stacey - who has baby daughter Lily with Ryan - faces her monstrous wrath.

Charlie added to Inside Soap magazine: "'EastEnders' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood has brought her back to her b****y best.

"I was shocked when I found out what Janine has got planned for Stacey on Christmas Day. It will seem very over the top, but it comes from a very truthful, desperate place."

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