Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go - Single of the Fortnight

Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go - Single of the Fortnight

Singles and Downloads - 30 Nov 2010

Wow. Whisper it, but we might just have stumbled upon one of the most half-decent months of Singles & Downloads in recent memory. Where to start? How about in the most unlikely of places, with Plan B’s ‘Love Goes Down’ (679) ●●● and the continuing reinvention of sub-Skinner UK rap wide-boy Ben Drew as the East London Al Green. It’s not vintage, but you’d have to be a rather tedious traditionalist to be offended by a record which makes this much of an honest effort.

Here are a couple more try-hards by association with a pair of successfully smile-inflicting covers. We’ve had a bit of a downer on Lightspeed Champion ever since he got involved (professionally) with that Vickers woman, but redemption comes in the form of the ‘Bye Bye’ EP’s (Domino) ●●● ‘Til I Die’, a hazy, trance-like cover of The Beach Boys song with an echoing analogue warmth courtesy of Van Dyke Parks’ production. Also from the same stable is Dirty Projectors’ ‘As I Went Out One Morning’ (Domino) ●●●, this time a symphony of buzzing guitars and artificial harmonies based on the Bob Dylan song.

To Scotland now, and a couple of choice selections from very different genres. First we’ve got Bronto Skylift’s ‘Gameboy’ (white label) ●●●, a staccato mash-up of funk timing and metal riffs with the loveable repeated choral line ‘hi-tops on / going out tonight’, and after that to the gently tuneful guitar-based indie of White Heath’s ‘GG’ (Electric Honey) ●●●, the encouraging latest offering from Scotland’s favourite college-based record label.

Now: in case you’re starting to think that solid three-starrers constitute a good turn-out (they usually do), let’s introduce you to the two utterly, heart-breakingly magnificent tracks battling (read: gazing frostily at one another over a dry-ice shrouded, neon-lit nightclub) for a place right at the top of our heart. In one arbitrary corner it’s School of Seven Bells with ‘I L U’ (Full Time Hobby) ●●●●, a shyly-titled ode to love in the style of any dreamy 80s chanteuse you care to mention, not least because of Alejandra Deheza’s rich-like-chocolate-in-bed vocal Kate Bushery. In the other it’s Twin Sister with ‘All Around and Away We Go’ (Double Six) ●●●●, a mesmerising piece of manufactured pop which comes in like ‘French Kissing …’ era Debbie Harry over a slowed-down disco beat and then threatens to pitch overboard into a sea of distorting guitars. Neither deserves to lose, but Twin Sister’s getting Single of the Fortnight anyway.

Plan B - Love Goes Down (Official Video)

Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go

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