Jason Merrells' Emmerdale reservations

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  • 30 November 2010
Jason Merrells

Emmerdale actor Jason Merrells

Actor Jason Merrells admits he had reservations about joining the cast of 'Emmerdale' until the soap's late producer Gavin Blythe convinced him otherwise

Jason Merrells had reservations about joining the cast of 'Emmerdale'.

The actor admitted he had "stupid preconceptions" about appearing in the soap until late series producer Gavin Blythe - who recently passed away at the age of just 41 - convinced him otherwise.

Jason - who plays Declan Macey in the ITV1 show - said: "I've got to say that one of the reasons that I did this job was because of him.

"It was talking to him and listening to how he had a vision for the show that made be squash a lot of my - actually very stupid - preconceptions of soap, that I've lost now completely."

The former 'Casualty' star - who joined the cast of Emmerdale earlier this year - explained since appearing on the show he has realised how difficult it is to produce six episodes every week, but he is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

He added to ITV1's 'This Morning: "That's changed because of the great people there, the professionalism, and actually how much I'm enjoying it. And a lot of that was to do with Gavin and his vision and wanting it to be the best it can be.

"It's very difficult to make stuff that is on six nights a week and to keep those stories turning over and to keep the logic of those stories and I think Gavin was so keen on that was what was so exciting to join really and it's a real shame."

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