Night of luxury for Stacey and Jenny

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  • 30 November 2010
Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon and Jenny Eclair were treated to a night of luxury on last night's 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Stacey and Jenny were awarded with a night in luxury accommodation on last night's 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'.

The duo were treated to the five-star fun - complete with a mini-bar and a lavish bed - after the former 'X Factor' finalist beat Olympic gold medallist Linford Christie in the Bounce-A-Roo challenge.

Dressed as kangaroos, the pair had to squash rotten fruit with their feet, with the one who produced the most liquid winning a night of luxury for two members of either Camp Sheila or Camp Bruce.

While Stacey admitted she initially didn't hold out much hope in terms of beating the athlete, she adopted the method of targeting the fruit that squashed easily and overtook Linford.

She said: "We were so competitive. I don't think he was that happy I won, he was a bit of a sulk. I decided to go for tomatoes rather than bananas to produce more juice. The boys must have been thinking yeah, we've got Linford Christie, he's got mammoth feet!"

A disappointed Linford conceded: "You whooped my a*s!"

Stacey selected comedienne Jenny Eclair - who won seven stars for the camp in the Dreaded Digger trial earlier in the day - to join her in the luxury camp, while Linford and rapper Aggro Santos were forced to spend the night facing their worst fears.

He said: "My ego is bruised more than my bottom, I'm thinking how do I tell the guys I've lost and will one of them come and spend a night of terror."

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