Jenny Eclair and Alison drink at 'Starbugs'

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  • 27 November 2010
Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair and Alison Hammond won eight stars for the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' camp in the'Starbugs' Bushtucker trial yesterday (26.11.10)

Jenny Eclair and Alison Hammond won eight stars for the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' camp yesterday (26.11.10).

The comedienne and the TV presenter were picked for the 'Starbugs' Bushtucker trial where they had to consume a number of gruesome a cocktails, made with grubs and creepy crawlies among other disgusting ingredients.

Upon hearing she was nominated to take part, Jenny said: "This was the one thing I really didn't want to do but we'll give it a go."

Hosts Ant and Dec took the pair to the trial area, where they were told there were up to 11 stars available, each of which could be redeemed for a meal for the camp.

First up was Jenny's 'Flappuchino' - turkey innards and water, which she eventually finished while Alison took on a 'Maggotchiato' - comprised of maggots, mealworms and water, which she drank whilst holding her nose.

Jenny's next task was the 'Hurl Grey' - cheese fruit and water.

She warned her campmate: "I've heard really bad things about this, it is the most evil fruit in the world.

"If this was panto, this would be the villain - I think I'm going to be sick, Alison stand to one side so I don't get sick on you."

However, she drank it without too much trouble, saying afterward she'd had worse.

Alison passed up the next drink- the 'Eye-Latte', of blended pig and fish eyes but Jenny made her way through an raw ostrich 'Eggspresso', before Alison heaved her way through a 'Cocklate Chip Cookie' made with mashed cockroaches

Jenny then couldn't stomach 'Miced Tea', made with real mice tails, but Alison managed to drink the 'Hot Croclate', made with mashed crocodile.

Next up Jenny ate a croissant full of ants, while Alison passed up a beach worms cocktail.

The pair then shared the last item on the menu, 'Cara-hell Latte', a witchetty grub smoothie with a whole witchetty grub on the side.

After the trial Alison said: "That was the worst thing, I can't believe those things are in my body and it's freaking me out."

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