Jonathan Ross 'glad to have left BBC'

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  • 26 November 2010
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has admitted he is glad to have left the BBC, as he felt under constant pressure when fronting 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross'

Jonathan Ross is relieved to have left the BBC.

The chat show host - who announced he would be leaving the channel earlier this year - admitted there was a great deal of "pressure" on him while he was fronting 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross'.

He explained: "There was a degree of pressure. And ever since my last contract was announced - and it was a huge contact - I felt like there was a lot of pressure on me, a lot of negativity about it, and I felt kind of like, well, maybe I shouldn't be here?

"I talked to them on a regular basis saying, 'Do want me to go? Should we change this?' And it was always the answer was no. But I felt under a lot pressure and a lot of stress to live up to that, to deal with that, and I didn't enjoy it.

The 50-year-old star - who was famously suspended by the BBC for 12 weeks in 2008 after leaving lude messages on the phone of 'Fawlty Towers' actor Andrew Sachs alongside Russell Brand - admitted the incident made him a "more responsible" person.

Jonathan added to ITV1's 'Loose Women': "It's forced me to become a lot more responsible. When that happened I regretted it immediately and I felt sorry immediately.

"And even now I feel sorry, but not for myself - and not for the changes it's brought in my life, even though they've been fairly huge - but because it was wrong of me to make a joke about someone else's personal life like that. If I could do anything to take it back, of course I would.

"As for the effect it had on me, in many ways - and I know this might sound wrong and I hope people don't misinterpret it - it was probably a good thing in some ways. You know, I think I've come out of it a better person."

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