Nigel Havers 'would have decked Lembit Opik'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 November 2010
Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers has revealed he ''would have decked'' politician Lembit Opik if he had stayed on 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Nigel Havers "would have decked" Lembit Opik if he had stayed on 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

The former 'Coronation Street' star - who sensationally quit the ITV1 show on Monday (22.11.10) - slammed the politician as being "completely insane".

He said: "I probably would have decked Lembit by now if I was still in there. I think I would've smashed him to smithereens! I've lost a stone in weight and I think I've gone slightly mad.

"I think he's got the mental age of seven. The guy is completely insane. I cannot for one second imagine how he could be a member of parliament for 13 years. He thinks he's going to be the mayor of London at the moment. Ha!"

The actor also confessed at one stage tensions with the former MP got so high that he "nearly killed" him, which was one of Nigel's major reasons behind deciding to leave the show.

He added to Digital Spy: "I nearly killed him one day. We only had two knives in the camp: one was big and one was small. He was whittling a piece of wood and I shouted at him, 'Don't do that'. He said to me, 'What do you mean?' I said to him, 'You're blunting the f***ing knives'.

"That's one of the reasons I thought I should go because I would've killed him."

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