Vintage Violence - new Edinburgh club from the makers of FAST

Vintage Violence - new Edinburgh club from the makers of FAST

Glam Rock with a twist

‘It’s pretty rock’n’roll,’ says promoter Chris FAST, discussing the spirit of his semi-regular club night at Edinburgh College of Art’s Wee Red Bar. That should come as no surprise – Chris’ old club FAST was among the very best nights in Edinburgh for a brief period, a chaotic upheaval of three-chord punk, haphazard post-punk riffs and sleazy electro beats. It’s good to see it survive in some form, this time co-run by Chris and fellow DJ Anastaziya Violence (and previously, while Chris was away, Divorce drummer Andrew Browntown).

‘We’re both obsessed with glam rock,’ says Chris, ‘rockabilly, garage, punk, good-time party music, basically. A bit of synth stuff, a bit of disco.’ Old FAST-goers should be willing to vouch for the quality of his record collection. Although both promoters are well-known within Edinburgh’s band community, Chris is keen to let everyone know the night is there on monthly Fridays, because ‘the Wee Red’s so far out the way that I don’t think a lot of people realise it’s open any time but for the Egg on Saturday nights.’ Both promoters have a bunch of mates who turn up religiously, but ‘we’ll have anyone’, jokes Chris.

This month also sees Vintage Violence’s first live band appear: Her Royal Highness, the new project from former Gussets singer Heatherette. ‘We’ve known Heather for a while,’ says Chris, ‘and she’s really getting it together with her new band now. She was a star in The Gussets before and she’s even more of one now, she has guys playing synths and guitar in the background, and there’s a real glam edge to what she does.’

Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 10 Dec.

Vintage Violence

A night of 'anti-anthems' with a mix of raw garage rock, girl groups, dirty soul, junk shop glam, new wave and rockabilly.