Soulsville aim to rejuvenate music from the 40s and 50s

Live soul in the heart of the Capital

Soulsville aim to rejuvenate music from the 40s and 50s

Name: Soulsville
Occupation: Edinburgh’s hub for soul, swing and rock’n’roll.

‘We’re trying to rejuvenate music from the 40s and 50s by finding music I think is relevant to current times,’ explains promoter Francis Dosoo (aka DJ Tsatsu). ‘So rock’n’roll, swing, rhythm’n’blues, trying to find stuff that I think has the same impact as modern music. Also a big part of it is trying to give it a similar feel to clubs back in those days, having live dances and stage elements to create more of a dancehall effect rather than just a club.’

Sounds intriguing but will they be playing anything I’d know? Names like Little Richard, Bill Haley, The Isley Brothers, Louis Prima and Chuck Berry all get name checked and usually get a spin. However it was Dosoo’s love of hip hop that drew him to the music in the first place.

So what’s the link between hip hop and Chuck Berry? ‘I became interested in the samples they were using, which led to a lot of jazz and funk. For a long time I was listening to those genres, then I started going back further and I started seeing all these interconnected elements, seeing blues turning into rhythm’n’blues then rhythm’n’blues turning into rock’n’roll. It’s a really big part of history where a lot of stuff that’s relevant in the music scene today comes from, the origins of the punk and hip hop movements can be traced back to that time.’

Good point, well made. Ok so what can we expect on the night? Live dancers, hot soul, funk and rock’n’roll from some of the true greats for a soundtrack you won’t find anywhere else in Edinburgh. Plus Dosoo is promising: ‘live stage pieces, kind of performance pieces that go along with the music, we’re trying to give it much more of a live feel, making people feel like they’re part of something.’

Soulsville at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Dec.


A night of rapturous soul music, playing rugged rhythms and deep blue grooves long into the midnight hours.


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