Bigfoot's Second Birthday Party

Bigfoot's Second Birthday Party

M_Nus artist Ambivalent to kick off third year

‘I guess you could call what we do environmental art,’ says George Russell. ‘We started Bigfoot’s as a way of exploring unconventional ways to host electronic music events, and that involves spending as much time on the production side of things as possible.’ The core bigfoot’s trio of Russell (Redux), Christopher Kelly (Faux Pas) and Craig Bell (Marmalade Man) met when they were at university in Aberdeen and working on other people’s nights at the city’s SNAFU venue.

Now part of a Glasgow-based contributing team of ten DJs, promoters, film-makers, designers and writers, they’ve held events in a launderette, a fish factory and various basements, as well as regular venues like the Courtyard, the Sub Club and now the Art School. ‘It keeps things fresh,’ says Russell, ‘and we just want to make the club exciting for people every time.’

Kicking off with a pre-party in the basement of Gibson Street’s Offshore café, this birthday party will feature a guest appearance from American producer Ambivalent (on Berlin’s M_nus label) because ‘he embodies a lot of what we’re about at Bigfoot’s – he’s a great techno DJ, a forward thinking live performer and we know he can bring the kind of crazy party we want.’ It is, however, the only kind of party Bigfoot’s wants, as evidenced by a recent move away from their old Bigfoot’s Tea Party name. ‘Yeah, we were getting a few right-wing Americans adding us on social networking sites,’ says Russell, ‘which isn’t what we’re about at all. As long as you can get on with the people on your right and left at the club, you’re welcome here.’

The Art School, Glasgow, Fri 3 Dec.

Bigfoot's Tea Party

An eclectic techno and electronic music party.

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