Adam & Joe - Song Wars Volume 2 (3 stars)

Adam & Joe - Song Wars Volume 2

Buxton and Cornish's second take on musical satire


Named in an entirely unscientific recent Guardian poll as one of the top six double acts ever (alongside the likes of Vic ‘n’ Bob and Jen & Dawn), messrs Buxton and Cornish have gleefully held onto the juvenile exuberance that initially made them so popular back in the late 90s.

There are certainly some laugh-out-embarrassingly-loudly moments here with their musical satires on the gentrification of music festivals and piercing explorations of itchy bums (‘Itchy Bum’). But there’s an over-riding feeling that many of these numbers (particularly their swipes at Baz Luhrmann, Bob Dylan and Kate Nash) were thrashed out in a giggling 10-minute rush of post-liquid lunching.


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