Korn singer wishes he could still take drugs

Korn's lead singer Jonathan Davis wishes spent a year detoxing from alcohol and drugs, but wishes he could still take illegal substances

Jonathan Davis

Korn singer Jonathan Davis

Korn's Jonathan Davis wishes he could still do drugs.

The lead singer with the 'Blind' nu-metal band admits he found it hard to detox from alcohol and drugs, but while he would like to be able to take them casually, his children - Nathan, Pirate and Zeppelin - act as a deterrent.

He told website fasterlouder.com.au: "If I could do drugs every once in a little while, I'd do the f**k out of them.

"But I know if I did, I would be dead and I want to be with my children. It's a deterrent.

"I detoxed for over a year, because I drank so much and did so many drugs."

Jonathan,39, claims he never meant to become a role model for other people, and that he rarely socialises with other people.

He said: "I don't really like people. Being a role model isn't something I asked for.

"I don't go and hang out with new people, it just doesn't work, people always have some kind of agenda, so I pretty much keep to myself."

The star also said his path into drug addiction was sparked by his rock star status, but he has now come full circle.

He said: "I got going with this rock star life and I thought it was something I had to do to be a rock star. That's what really started me and then it became a problem - I needed them to keep going. I needed to write good songs and once I got on them, I was ten times better. I used it as a crutch."


The California-based nu-metal pioneers play their distinct brand of throbbing umbrage.


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