Ann Widdecombe relieved to have leggings

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  • 24 November 2010
Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe feared she would expose her underwear during her 'Strictly Come Dancing' performance at the weekend and so was grateful to be wearing leggings

Ann Widdecombe was thankful she insists on wearing leggings under her 'Strictly Come Dancing' outfits at the weekend.

The former Conservative MP - who scored 13 points for her samba with professional partner Anton du Beke - admits she was worried about exposing her underwear when she was spun around by the dancer.

She said: "Thank heaven for leggings that stood between me and a serious breach of my vow to stay modest throughout the programme, as my dress went AWOL."

Although she is thankful for her leggings, Ann admits her decision has left the show's costume departments baffled, particularly as they have no idea what to use her worn garments for afterwards.

She explained in her column for the Daily Express newspaper: "My insistence on wearing leggings of the same size and length of the dress has provoked much head-scratching in the wardrobe department as they practise 'waste not want not' and haven't a clue what to do with these brightly-coloured garments afterwards.

"The dresses are sold, the shoes are signed and auctioned for charity, but Widdy's leggings? 'Oh, I'm sure we'll find a use,' my dresser said confidently, before adding, 'If we take them in!' "

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