Gillian McKeith faked jungle faint?

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  • 23 November 2010
Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith has been accused of faking her sensational faint on Sunday night's (21.11.10) 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Gillian McKeith has been accused of pretending to faint on 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

The TV nutritionist - who collapsed live on Sunday night's (21.11.10) show at the thought of completing another gruelling Bush Tucker Trial - has been accused by her fellow campmates of faking the faint in order to get attention.

Shaun joked: "We get 12 meals and Gillian gets an Academy Award. If that was real, so are my teeth."

Comedian Dom Joly agreed, slamming the food expert's behaviour as "ridiculous".

He said: "Classical actors are trained for years to do that sort of fall. It was just like Mrs Haversham or someone going down. It was unbelievable. I smell Baftas for that faint, I really do.

"You can't just go on every Trial and faint and then we don't eat. It's f***ing ridiculous."

Meanwhile, Gillian launched an angry tirade at producers of the ITV1 show, telling them they would have to drag her "by her hair" if she was told to compete in another Bush Tucker Trial.

Speaking from the jungle jail, she ranted: "I'm so angry, I should not be in here, I'm telling you now it's not fair, do you hear me?! I fainted today, I've had no food, I don't feel well and then you go and disqualify me. You didn't give me a chance and now you put me in a fly ridden hell hole.

"If I get another trial tomorrow which I probably will, then I want a pardon, you will need to drag me there by my hair because I won't be going, who is in the power seat now? Parole me or I don't go to the trial and I mean that!"


1. Malaria No More UK23 Nov 2010, 4:26pm Report

I work with Malaria No More UK, on the plus side Gillian does realise that every time she is nominated she is raising money for a valuable cause “If I have to face up to a bush tucker trial, I will concentrate on thinking about the work of Malaria No More UK. It’s hugely motivating to know we are saving lives by being in the jungle and by watching and voting the British public are getting involved too."

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