Girls - Broken Dreams Club (4 stars)

Girls - Broken Dreams Club

Lushly produced six-track mini-album sounds new era for San Francisco five-piece

(Fantasy Trashcan/Turnstile Music)

Tales of notorious unpredictability, druggy meltdowns, a background in religious cults and a penchant for inappropriate nudity have followed Girls around since they first impressed with 2009 debut Album. And frontman Christopher Owens’ ‘I’m a bit barmy, me’ schtick threatened to overshadow his huge talent for songwriting at times, but Broken Dreams Club seems to herald the beginning of a new era.

They return with a teaser of sorts; a gorgeous six-track mini-album of lushly produced, horn-tinged epics, brooding country ballads, sprawlingly, romantic folk freakouts and lyrics so poignant they will break your heart over and over again. The future looks incredibly bright for the San Francisco five-piece.

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