Spectorbullets - Spectorbullets (4 stars)

Spectorbullets - Spectorbullets

(Mayakovsky Produkts)

The brainchild of New York-dwelling Swedish singer-songwriter Gustaf Heden and former Fire Engines/Win/Piefinger drummer/sonic magician Russell Burn, Spectorbullets mix of stripped-down anti-folk and strung-out, rock‘n’roll euphoria is on a restless mission to condense the spirit of Jonathan Richman into a loose-knit and gloriously messy street-smart confection of post-punk skiffle.

Such wide-eyed and snarly felicitations are poignantly offset by after-hours opener, ‘He Needs It’, a sad-eyed and unrequited piano-tinkling lament that features on vocals the final recording of Edinburgh’s recently lost genius poet Paul Reekie. For that alone this is an album to treasure.

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