Zach Hill - Face Tat (3 stars)

Zach Hill - Face Tat

(Sargent House)

By his own reckoning, Zach Hill has contributed to 100 albums over the course of his short career to date, building a reputation as one of the best drummers on the planet. He’s worked with everyone from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to Boredoms to Wavves; an impressive resumé that barely hints at the maniacal sound of this, his second solo record.

The restless energy of Hill’s drumming predictably enough is the driving force, but the fearless invention stretches to the rest of the instrumentation, which Hill has twisted and reworked in the mix. Sometimes the results sound like R2D2 having a panic attack in an acid bath and sometimes it sounds like a mess, but it’s very rarely boring.

Zach Hill - The Sacto Smile

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