Pamela Stephenson's Strictly jealousy

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  • 19 November 2010
Pamela Stephenson

Pamela Stephenson

'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant Pamela Stephenson has admitted her comedian husband Billy Connolly was ''jealous'' when he heard she would be performing raunchy routines alongside hunky James Jordan

Pamela Stephenson's comedian husband was "jealous" about her appearing in 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

The psychologist - who has been married to Billy Connolly for 21 years - admitted her spouse was "nervous" when he heard she would be partnered alongside 32-year-old hunk James Jordan in the BBC One competition.

She explained: "Billy was nervous because of the way you suddenly have to lock loins with a total stranger and he did have stern words with him at the beginning. It's fair to say he was jealous.

"But once he got to know James and realised he was married to Ola - the most gorgeous goddess on the planet - he knew he didn't have much to worry about".

However, despite her husband's jealousy, Pamela confessed she has "great chemistry" with James and likens performing raunchy routines with him to "vertical sex".

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Just because you are married it doesn't mean you're not going to find other men attractive. James is adorable and is a very good-looking guy. He is flirtatious and I am flirtatious with him.

"We have a great chemistry and dancing with him is like having vertical sex. We are both very physical people and we love to express how we're feeling."

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