Doc Daneeka set for Edinburgh StepBack date

Doc Daneeka set for Edinburgh StepBack date

UK funky and basement house DJ and producer

Doc Daneeka

Also known as
Mial Watkins is his real name.

Producer and DJ of what many might call UK funky, but what he prefers to refer to as ‘basement house’. ‘Endorsed by Marcus Nasty, L-Vis 1990, Gilles Peterson, Kode9, Martyn …’, says his MySpace. He’s also released on Ramp Recordings and remixed Delphic and Oneman.

Where is he from? Swansea.
‘It’s like an old shell of an industrial city in South Wales,’ he says, ‘kind of like a small Detroit by the sea. That’s not meant to make it sound glamorous, it’s quite ugly in places. I like it, though.’ He’s staying at his brother’s in Berlin when The List catches up with him, though.

How did he get started?
‘It was a constant progression. I started off playing in punk bands when I was younger, about 16 or 17, then moved on to making trip hop, listening to a lot of drum & bass, then I got into broken beat and made that.’

How would he describe his sound?
‘I’ve always done exactly what I wanted, never really fitted into a style. When I started out I was making pretty basic music and … well, it’s still pretty basic, but I express myself better now. It’s more aimed at creating a vibe than reflecting a style, for example my favourite place to play is a hot, sweaty basement. We had a great house party scene when we were coming through and I want to recreate that in my music, so my set’ll be mostly house music and it’ll change rhythm a lot, from colourful, synthy house to bongo-driven tribal sounds. Always energetic, always designed to get people dancing.’

Doc Daneeka plays StepBack at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Nov.


Heavy bass, house, techno and hip hop from Wolfjazz and Beefy.

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