The Unwinding Hours (5 stars)

The Unwinding Hours

Oran Mor, Glasgow, 17 Oct 2010

The Alasdair Gray-painted murals and warm, natural reverb of the Oran Mor's auditorium proves the perfect setting for this very special Sunday night's entertainment. RM Hubbert opens proceedings with a set of mesmerising acoustic instrumentals, utilizing a number of percussive guitar techniques to thrilling effect.

Next, James Graham and Andy MacFarlane from The Twilight Sad challenge the terms of their "acoustic" set with Graham belting out every word with full force and blind emotion. Plucking a handful of gems from their first two albums and most recent EP, it's a tender, almost accapella rendition of 'Cold Days From The Birdhouse' that really leaves the house stunned.

When The Unwinding Hours take the stage they have no trouble delivering a set that, amongst other things, cements their position as headliners. Picking up where they left off with Aereogramme, Craig Beaton and Iain Cook's latest endeavour is as haunting and delicate as it is triumphant and cathartic. 'The Final Hour' is a prime example of both tonight, knocking the wind out of everyone's sails when it suddenly erupts into a wall of beautiful noise.

In what the band announce as their last show 'for a while', they coast through most of their excellent self-titled debut, from 'Knut' to 'Peaceful Liquid Shell', finishing off with an RM Hubbert-aided cover of Sparklehorse's 'Spirit Ditch'. Without calling it a comeback as such, it's been nothing short of joy to see Beaton and Cook making music again - and tonight is no exception.

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