New Edinburgh club Soul Kitchen plays hip hop and soul

Hip hop, souls and soulful house on menu at Medina

New Edinburgh club Soul Kitchen plays hip hop and soul

Edinburgh’s club scene isn’t as bad as its detractors might make out, but it isn’t thriving. Fewer good venues have been taking up the slack over the last decade, which is why anywhere that’s trying to do its own thing should be celebrated. Take compact basement venue Medina, for example, which is starting to shift its programme towards promoter-led parties.

‘I ran Booty there every Sunday for six years,’ says Dale Lush, co-promoter and DJ of new Friday-nighter Soul Kitchen, ‘but that stopped when I began getting other gigs through the week. Meanwhile Isla [Blige, his partner in the Kitchen and formerly a DJ at Medina’s Get Funk’d] and I had been talking about running a club together for a long time, because we’ve known each other for ten years. Eventually we made the decision to start a night playing really good music that we love for people who want to listen to it.’ Simple, really.

Although it’s pitched as a soul night, Soul Kitchen will have a broader reach. ‘It’s the music of black origin thing,’ says Lush, echoing the MOBO awards’ credo. ‘Anything from 60s soul through to deep hip hop – it’s actually Isla who plays the hip hop stuff, I’m more into soul and soulful house, but neither of us are afraid of floorfillers.’ There are plans to bring in guest DJs and to introduce Blige’s female vocal group The Soupremes once the night is up and running, which all points to a club with more of a sense of fun than their competition.

Medina, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Nov.

Soul Kitchen

A new soul music residency in the Flying Duck's 'kitchen' room, running alongside Modern Lovers.

Soul Kitchen

Dale Lush and Isla Blige with a night of smooth soul, hip hop, funk and uplifting disco.


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