Deftones - Perfect mix of power and intensity (4 stars)

Deftones - Perfect mix of power and intensity

O2 Academy, Glasgow, Fri 12 Nov 2010

The expansive prog-metal of Coheed & Cambria were always going to be the ideal warm-up for Deftones. Claudio Sanchez’s vocals may be a bit hard for some to take (it can take on a whiny quality in the higher registers) but the heavy instrumental jams and a dazzling display of musicianship are stunning - for all the right reasons - and showcase a multi-faceted depth that perfectly soundtracks their bizarre flights of sci-fi fantasy.

With the whole of the O2 Academy resounding to chants of ‘Chino, Chino’, Deftones literally bound onto the stage, with frontman Chino Moreno a vivid focal point as the chaos ensues. Kicking off with a blistering ‘Rocket Skates’ from new album Diamond Eyes, it’s a perfectly judged set, taking a detour into the feral intensity of 1997’s Around the Fur before effortlessly segueing into their 2000 masterpiece White Pony, a solid block of new material before bringing their main set to a suitably epic close with the majestic ‘Change (In The House of Flies)’.

And while they never scrimp on sheer power, Deftones understand that you can also rely on depth and weight, rather than just speed and thrash (although they’re perfectly happy to tear the place apart with the likes of ‘Elite’). Their tunes offer more complexity than most of their peers (something only added to by Stephen Carpenter favouring an eight string guitar), and despite often getting lumped in with ‘nu-metal’, they have more similarities to mutual fans Mogwai than to Limp Bizkit.

Frank Delgado adds multi-layered subtleties on keyboards, samples and electronics, but all eyes also fall on Sergio Vega, filling in for original bassist Chi Cheng, who sadly is still in a coma following a serious car accident in 2008, and his tight bass work is a fitting tribute. However it’s Moreno’s schizophrenic quick switch from scream to croon, an impassioned howl of pain and fury, that really defines their sound, and gives Deftones an emotional resonance few can match.

Drawing their entire encore from 1995’s debut Adrenaline, it’s a perfect mix of power and intensity that pays tribute to their roots and gives fans everything they could want from a Deftones show.


‘Rocket Skates’
‘Around the Fur’
‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’
‘Be Quiet & Drive (Far Away)’
‘Digital Bath’
‘Knife Party’
‘Diamond Eyes’
‘You've Seen The Butcher’
‘Beauty School’
‘Bloody Cape’
‘Change (In the House of Flies)’


‘Engine No 9’
‘7 Words’

The Deftones

Alternative metal virtuosos headed by Chino Moreno specialising in crushing riffs and deeply emotive vocals.

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