Sandeesh Samra fired from The Apprentice

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  • 18 November 2010
Sandeesh Samra

Sandeesh Samra

Sandeesh Samra was fired by Lord Alan Sugar on 'The Apprentice' last night after ''stitching herself up'' in the boardroom

Sandeesh Samra was fired by Lord Alan Sugar on last night's (17.11.10) 'The Apprentice'.

The 26-year-old recruitment consultant faced the wrath of the business magnate in the boardroom for the third time after failing to produce adequate results as project manager for Synergy, causing the group to lose out to their rivals Apollo.

Despite her team's failure, Sandeesh admitted she "stitched herself up" by taking investment bankers Liz Locke and Chris Bates into the boardroom with her, when she should have chosen "irritating" property developer Jamie Lester.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think I kind of stitched myself up really with who I chose to take into the boardroom. At the time, Liz and Chris were the only two people I thought I could have feasibly taken in.

"Looking back on it, I think Lord Sugar was hinting that I should have taken Jamie in with me because he was an irritant. I took in the two wrong people. I should have taken Jamie in."

The Nottingham-based businesswoman is now running her own successful pharmaceutical company, but she confessed she couldn't have fellow female candidates Paloma Vivanco and Laura Moore working for her.

Sandeesh said: "I've started my own pharmaceutical recruitment company and it's doing really well but to be honest I don't think I could put up with having the likes of Paloma or Laura working for me.

"Laura needs to be sacked for sure. She's very stroppy and throws her dummy out of the pram all the time. Lord Sugar has said himself that Laura is getting away scot-free and escaping the chopping block just because she cosies up to project managers every week. Everybody knows that."

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