Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair join I'm A Celeb...

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  • 18 November 2010
Dom Joly

Dom Joly

Comedians Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair have joined the 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!' line-up, and Jenny has revealed she has a very specific reason for entering the jungle

Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair have joined 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'

The comedians were transported into the camp by helicopter, and were immediately forced to spend three hours in a spooky shack with only jungle critters for company in a bid to win meals for their fellow contestants.

However, Jenny confessed the only reason she had agreed to take part in the ITV1 reality show is because she wants to look like Australian model Elle Macpherson in time for Christmas.

She joked: "It's an extreme diet plan. The reason I've got to come here actually is to drop a dress size before Christmas. I'm going to loose so much weight in there, I'm going to come out looking like Elle MacPherson.

"I'm slightly panicking about the fact that I turned my nose up at the hotel breakfast this morning. I sort of looked at it and thought there's not what I call muesli here and then there were tinned peaches. I was turning my nose up at the tinned peaches. I'll be selling my body for a tin of peaches in a few days."

Meanwhile, 'Trigger Happy TV' funnyman Dom Joly admitted he expects to "blow his top" at some stage during his jungle stay as he isn't a "team player".

He explained: "I am very confrontational. I wouldn't argue just for the laugh, but if someone p****d me off, I would say it. In the end, I do blow my top. I can't bear stupid rules.

"My wife wouldn't say I am an easy person to live with. I think I am alright. But I am a solo person. I am not really a team player."

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