Exposure: Randolph's Leap

Exposure: Randolph's Leap

New Glasgow band are a melting pot of folk, indie, pop and traditional

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With six members and six mouths, it’s a surprise that the arrival of Randolph’s Leap on the cultural horizon hasn’t been shouted about already. A melting pot of folk, indie, pop and traditional tunes, a rollcall of the Glasgow band and their respective roles is: Adam Ross (guitar/vocals/sex appeal), Gareth Robert Perrie (keyboards/choreography), Iain Taylor (drums/shakers/other assorted hitty things), Vicki Cole (international lesbian star/bass), Andrew MacLellan (cello) and Heather Thikey (the fiddler). They’re releasing the Battleships & Kettle Chips EP in November – so what better time than now to catch up with the sextet to find out more.

Can you describe Randolph's Leap's music in three words?

All: Adam Angus Ross.

There's a lot of you in the band. Who assumes the band leader role?

Gareth: Adam, as almighty songwriter and master vocalist, is the unquestionable leader. He runs a tight ship and doesn’t have time for lightweights. I personally have the utmost respect and adoration for his governing skills and I consider it an honour to serve in Randolph’s Leap, helping him achieve his artistic vision.

Heather: I agree. I thank Adam daily for the opportunity. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not all a dream!

If you could have Randolph's Leap collaborate with any musician living or dead, who would it be?

Vicki: I guess it would have to be the person who would benefit most from Adam’s teachings. There are so many good musicians - and I’m thinking Dylan, Lennon, Hendrix etc. here - who could have learned so much from a jam session with Adam.

You've got an EP coming out soon, complete with hand-knitted CD covers. Does having things like knitted covers reflect a sense of homeliness in Randolph's Leap's music?

Iain: It’s the beginning really of what we all believe will change the face of the recorded music industry: textile releases. It’s a revolutionary way of injecting the value back into music. I mean who wants to download an intangible mp3 when you can have something made of f****ng wool?! And that’s the crucial element - you can’t illegally download a fabric.

In what season is Randolph's Leap best heard?

Gareth: I’d say Season 2. Don’t get me wrong, Season 1 was amazing, but I think they really found their stride in Season 2. Seasons 3 and 4 got a bit repetitive and familiar but so far Season 5 seems pretty good. Although I can’t believe they killed off Colin at the end of Episode 1!

Is your band name influenced by the section of the river of the same name, or is it completely and randomly unconnected?

Andy: Yes it does indeed refer to a woodland ravine in the north of Scotland. We’re working in conjunction with the RFCT (River Findhorn Conservation Trust) to raise the profile of this natural wonder which is in danger of being torn down by the local council. It’s one of the many altruistic gestures implemented by our benevolent leader.

EP launch at the Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Thu 18 Nov (Free); The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 4 Dec; The 13th Note, Glasgow, Wed 22 Dec.

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