Labels of Love: Chaffinch

Labels of Love: Chaffinch

The Second Hand Marching Band

Melodious Lanarkshire label releases Lucky Luke, Burnt Island, The Second Hand Marching Band

About a year and a half ago, The List received a handmade box from Lanarkshire’s melodious Chaffinch records. It contained several excellent seven-inch singles, a handwritten note from label boss David Love, and a scattering of tiny shells and gemstones. Needless to say, we’ve been smitten since …

When and why did you start Chaffinch?
‘I love Fence Records and in the past I helped Kenny Anderson get his releases into some record stores and organised the first few Fence Collective gigs in Glasgow: that gave me a little taste for it. I was made redundant in 2005 and fancied doing something interesting with the money, so I started Chaffinch.’

Why Chaffinch?
‘I liked the idea of the vinyl catalogue numbers being 7FINCHEP1 and so on. Also a chaffinch is a shy but feisty little bird which I’d like to think kind of describes the label’s character.’

What artists have you released to date?
‘The Second Hand Marching Band (pictured), Burnt Island, Anthony Reynolds, Immigrant, Lucky Luke, King Creosote, South Downs, Rich Amino, La Muñeca de Sal, Hindle & Halliday, Sancho and The Stevenson Ranch Davidians.’

How important is the label’s visual and physical aesthetic?
‘Very. Ideally I’d release everything on vinyl but it’s just not financially viable. Initially my intention was to have a unified look for the artwork. It hasn’t worked out like that, but I do think it’s important that each release has artwork that stands on its own merit.’

What advice would you offer other DIY labels?
‘Try not to do everything by yourself. I make sure the bands and artists put some effort in and I’ve roped in friends and family to help too. The internet has a huge influence on how you reach out to listeners / buyers – I have a good friend, Steven Ross, who’s been helping me improve the Chaffinch site.’

What Chaffinch treats are on the horizon?
‘Currently in the works are Lucky Luke’s Travelling for a Living album and also a compendium of Anthony Reynolds’ work. Then hopefully releases from Burnt Island, South Downs, Ghostwriter and The Second Hand Marching Band.’

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