Caribou, Four Tet, James Holden, Nathan Fake and Rocketnumbernine tour UK

Caribou, Four Tet, James Holden, Nathan Fake and Rocketnumbernine tour UK

Electronic/rock/dance quadruple header tours UK

Sonic and mathematical sage Dan Snaith is busy browsing a Slow Food market in Italy. ‘It’s great – I’m in Torino!’ he beams, while The List languishes in the Central Belt rain. ‘We had an awesome gig last night. Now we’re eating bourgeois commodities.’

Snaith – aka electronic diviner Caribou, formerly known as Manitoba – is a London-based Canadian dancefloor fetishist with a Polaris Prize (Canada’s Mercury, for 2008’s Andorra) under his belt, and a sideline in academia. (Unfortunately, space restrictions mean we cannot summarise his PhD thesis, Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols).

His ecstatic recent album, Swim, meanwhile, has just been revived with a raft of remixes from the likes of Fuck Buttons, Gold Panda and Ikonika.

Snaith is heading to Glasgow with an electronic cavalcade that includes his aural and earthly neighbour, Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet (‘we live round the corner from each other’), James Holden and Nathan Fake. ‘I’m so excited about this tour!’ he enthuses. ‘It feels like something really special.’

Although Snaith records at home alone, Caribou live is a full-on four-piece band. ‘The thing that I’m most adamant about is having a live show that’s genuine, spontaneous and interactive,’ he insists.

Indeed, The List recalls a Manitoba show in 2003, wherein Snaith and co thrilled the Tron Theatre’s Victoria Bar, bedecked in animal heads. ‘Was that for the Triptych festival? That was one of the first gigs we ever did – it was fucking madness!’ he laughs. ‘Unfortunately, our faces melted. So we’ve abandoned the masks’.

O2 ABC, Glasgow, Sun 21 Nov

Caribou, Four Tet, James Holden, Nathan Fake and Rocketnumbernine

Caribou, aka Dan Snaith, a psychedelic electronica artist from Ontario who used to go by the name Manitoba, heads this bill specially chosen by Four Tet.

WHP 2010: Curated By Kieran Hebden

Theo Parrish, James Holden, Jamie XX, Mount Kimbie, Zomby, Actress, James Blake, Nathan Fake, Rocketnumbernine, Eat Your Own Ears DJs, Now Wave DJs and Rich Reason play techno, deep house, dubstep and jazz, plus Four Tet and Caribou perform live.

Eat Your Own Ears & Four Tet Present

Four Tet, Caribou, DJ James Holden, Nathan Fake and Rocketnumbernine supply electronica, alternative, house and techno.

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