The Greenhornes - **** (3 stars)

The Greenhornes - ****

(Third Man Records)

According to some worldviews, the 1960s officially ended when The Beatles announced they were splitting up or when Charlie Manson and his followers unleashed a summer of hate. Clearly, no one ever informed Cincinnati garage band The Greenhornes, who are currently partying like it’s 1969. ‘Good old fashioned rock’n’roll, plain and simple’ is how their biographers put it. Their latest is a 35-minute softcore paean to The Doors, Animals, Beatles, Stones et al is more like it. The most modern-sounding track in this not wholly unpleasant collection is ‘Get Me Out of Here’. Unfortunately, in parts it’s also a perfect doppelganger for ‘She’s Electric’.

‘Four stars’, says their title? Not quite.

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