Bobby Conn - Rise Up! (5 stars)

Bobby Conn - Rise Up!


‘I can’t help you baby, when the empire falls,’ warbles futurist New York psych-disco troubadour Bobby Conn early on in this reissue from 1998, and he’s either talking about the Evil Galactic Empire or just plain ol’ America. Taking ‘inspired’ and ‘ground-breaking’ and smashing them together like a nuclear airburst, this excellent and primed-for-rediscovery concept record combines paranoid no-wave punk politics with sensual and histrionic space disco, including fine impressions of Prince on the title track, Freddie Mercury on ‘United Nations’ and George Clinton throughout. One tea-leaf reading moment among many, during the yelped Tom Waits freak-jazz of ‘Passover’: ‘I’m a (B)ush / and I’m gonna send some plagues upon you’.

Bobby Conn plays Rise Up! at the Arches, Glasgow, Mon 28 Nov

Bobby Conn - Rise Up!

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