The Green Door Kids - Muzikal Yooth (3 stars)

The Green Door Kids - Muzikal Yooth

(Optimo Music)

Recorded at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio and featuring 10 to 25-year-old students of the workshops and music production courses there, this compilation regresses the punk spirit to its foetal form; a desire to make noise and express oneself, regardless of ability.
At its best this means particularly raw and unschooled versions of tracks like The Cramps’ ‘The Way I Walk’, a confidently creeped-out original composition called ‘Metaphysical Circus’ and a quite gorgeous take on Elvis’ ‘Girl of My Best Friend’ by Clare Whyte. Optimo’s presence suggests a kind of Weegie Langley Schools Music Project; it’s not that good, but it is a different and occasionally quite surprising package.

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