Errors - Celebrity Come Down With Me (4 stars)

Errors - Celebrity Come Down With Me

(Rock Action)

Boasting remixes from the mammoth likes of Mogwai (‘Supertribe’), Moon Unit (‘Beards’) and Gold Panda (‘A Rumour In Africa’), Celebrity Come Down With Me is a compelling and curious addition to the Errors canon: a record that delivers vivid re-imaginings of the ace Glaswegians’ electronic narratives, while further prompting us to revisit – and reconsider – the originals.

It also exposes the ingenuity of some of the remixers therein: beat renegade Dam Mantle’s reworking of ‘Sorry About the Mess’ sounds like it’s been re-assembled by a robot with a toy box and a set of broken bagpipes. As such, it’s a definite highlight.

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